The Importance of National Reading Day in Promoting Literacy

National Reading Day

Heritage International School promotes reading among students. National Reading Day and Reading Week emphasize the value of reading. These celebrations allow students to discover books and develop a lifelong reading habit.

The Value of National Reading Day

National Reading Day honors Kerala Library Movement founder P.N. Panicker. This day promotes reading to create a literate society. We host activities at Heritage International School to encourage students to read and love books.

Reading Week Activities

Heritage International School’s Reading Week is full of fun activities for all ages. We hold book fairs, reading challenges, storytelling, and author visits. Students’ vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking improve with these fun reading activities.

Benefits of Reading

Reading benefits students greatly. It boosts imagination, concentration, and empathy. National Reading Day and Reading Week help us teach these values to students. We encourage them to read across genres and enjoy it.

The Heritage International School Commitment

Heritage International School, Aligarh’s top international school, promotes literacy and reading. Our library has a wide range of books for all students. Reading is essential to our students’ academic and personal success.

Celebrate Reading with Us

Parents and the community should celebrate National Reading Day and Reading Week with us. We can inspire new readers who value knowledge and education. Visit Heritage International School for details.