Fee & General Rules

Fee Rules

  • Payment of the School Fee should be made in the Bank as prescribed in the fee structure booklet issued separately through cash/crossed CTS cheque/demand drafts in favour of ‘Heritage International School”. The Bank will not accept any payment without the Printed Fee book. Payments deposited directly in the account of the school without fee book will not be treated as fee and such amount will be forfeited in favor of school. No claims of refund whatsoever will be entertained. All payments should be exactly as per the instructions in the Fee Book. Only Local / Multi-city (Payable At Par) CTS Cheques will be accepted. To avoid late fine/charges and inconvenience kindly deposit the Fee on time in the Bank.
Heritage International School
  • Any swipe off of Credit/Debit Card for paying School fee/optional fee through any bank will entertain charges @ 2% of transaction charges to be borne by parents. However, parents are requested to pay fee on time through cheque/RTGS/Cash to avoid such charges.
  • The amount deposited towards Registration and Admission for a particular year will neither be refundable nor transferable to any other year or student.
  • In case, a student after taking admission wishes to withdraw, for any reason, only Security Deposit will be refunded after adjusting any pending school dues. No recommendations for fee waiver are accepted.
  • School fee is to be deposited in the Bank according to the fee schedule given in fee structure sheet supplied separately.
  • The fee rules and schedule of late fine is separately given in the fee structure supplied at the beginning of session to every student.
  • No separate information or reminder will be given for depositing the Fee nor will it be entered in the student’s Diary. It is the parents’ responsibility to deposit the Fee in time. The entire responsibility of default will be on the student and/or his/her parents.
  • Parents should never send the Fee through their wards or School Staff. Fee can also be deposited by NEFT/ECS mode of payment. Please contact the school office to know the procedure of such payment or refer to the fee structure sheet.
  • The Fee will be revised annually and will be determined by the school Board of Management.
  • Please read all rules about admission, fee carefully before taking admission and if satisfied than only take the admission. Do not compare school fee with other schools.

General Rules

  • The name of a student will be struck off the rolls if he/she is absent from the school for a period of more than 6 working days without any permission or does not submit valid medical/other proof for cause of long absence.
  • The School authorities will not be responsible for sudden illness, Injury or some natural calamities during the School hours. In case of any accident of the bus or any other conveyance the management takes no responsibility what so ever of any damage or otherwise.
  • 2 sets of Regular Summer Uniform and 1 set of PT uniform will have to be purchased initially.
  • In Winter, both Boys and Girls of Classes III to XII have to wear Blazers and those in Nursery to II will have to come in Track Suit & Cap of the colour as prescribed. Shoes as prescribed for Boys & Girls, should be worn.
  • The Tie and Belt are integral parts of the uniform and should always be worn.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work will justify disciplinary action.
  • Students should be punctual and regular ; 90% attendance is compulsory for promotion to the next class. A pupil who has been suffering from or who has been in contact with any infecious disease must produce a certificate (from a competent doctor) that he may attend school without risk of conveying infection to others.
  • Any change in address or telephone number should be communicated to the class teacher or at the reception without delay.
  • More general school rules and code of conduct will be detailed in the school almanac.

Note: Any Information that is concealed, incorrect or mismatched with the admission form will result in the student’s enrollment being cancelled and the case will be reported to CBSE and the district education authorities for further action.

Rules Of Discipline

For Students
  • Current Session Identity Card issued by the school will have to be displayed prominently on Student’s uniform.
  • Students have to come to school in their proper uniform. Anyone found in improper uniform will not be allowed to board the school bus nor will he/she be allowed to attend classes.
  • Nails should be kept short. Applying nail polish, Tattoo or Mehandi is strictly prohibited. Wearing of fashionable bands, bracelets, threads for the sake of glamour (religious symbolic items exempted) are not allowed.
  • No one will be allowed to meet the student during or after school hours. If friends or acquaintances of any student are found loitering outside the campus, the said student will be put to strict action which may result in suspension, issue of T.C.
  • Students should not wear flashy wrist watches. Only those in Class VI and above can wear Normal Wrist Watches.
  • Loitering about on the campus without any reason or entering the Library/ Computer Lab/ Accounts Office without permission or in the absence of the School Staff, will lead to serious disciplinary action.
  • If anyone is found chewing Tobacco, Pan Masala, Smoking or taking any narcotic substance, Alcohol (within and outside the School campus) he/she will be rusticated and T.C. will be issued/ fine Rs. 500/-
  • Any damage to the school property will be dealt with strictly and will incur a monetary fine apart from disciplinary action and even issue of T.C.
  • Keeping weapons/firearms in school premises is serious offence and such offender will be handed over to Police.
  • Disobedience and misbehavior towards staff members or repeated breaking of school rules or behavior objectionable to the good tone of the school, even outside the school premises will deserve severe punishment or even rustication if warnings are ignored.
  • Provocative Dress, ornaments, perfumes, Goggles, Mobile phones, Cameras or other such electronic devices are strictly prohibited Any such items if found will be confiscated.
  • Bullying fellow students, Immorality, bad conduct, grave insubordination, contempt of authorities or willful damage to school property is always a sufficient reason for immediate rustication. Indecent behavior towards girls is punishable under the relevant rules of law.
  • Every student must bring School Diary to school daily for taking down daily home work and other instructions from the teachers.
  • Any fight/group clash or misbehaviour towards staff members will result in the cancellation of admission of such student.

Rules Of Transport

  • Providing Transport to students is optional and not binding. It is subject to availability of sufficient number of students on a particular route and vacancy of seats.
  • Non payment or delay of transport charges will result in discontinuation of the facility.
  • Transport charges will be levied along with school fee installments. 11 month’s transport fee will be charged.
  • The school may refuse/stop transport facility to any student by giving one month’s prior notice.
  • A student may stop using transport facility by giving at least 2 month’s notice in writing else transport instalment will have to be paid.
  • Students and Parents will follow all transport safety norms while using the facility. School buses will take & drop the students at selected points only. For details, read the transport rules available in school office.
  • Students must follow all safety guidelines during COVID threat as given by teachers from time to time.

The Heritage Traditions At Glance

Comparable with the centuries old traditions of our Gurukuls, rules of discipline and austerity are to be strictly followed.

For Students

  • To be punctual and regular in school attendance with min. 90%.
  • To Follow the school dress code and to keep neat and tidy.
  • Boys should have short hair. Senior boys should trim their beards regularly.
  • Girls should keep their hair neatly plaited.
  • Always carry your I cards with you properly displayed /pinned with exterior clothes.
  • Students must respect the National Flag & Stand for National Anthem in or outside School.
  • Rules detailed on Pages 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 of the prospectus and those in the school ALMANAC should be strictly followed.
  • Students involvement in mischief, fights, group clashes or misbehavior with any staff members will result in dismissal/rustication from school.

For Parents

  • Please keep constant watch over the studies & performance of your ward and maintain contact with school by attending Parent Teacher meetings regularly.
  • Read all the terms and conditions & rules specially those given in Page 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 of the prospectus carefully and get your ward admitted only when you are satisfied.
  • Follow the school rules in full. Do not argue with the school teachers, authorities or other staff in this matter. Maintain politeness and respect to the school staff to get the same in return.
  • Prior appointment with the principal is necessary for meeting.
  • Deposit school fee or other such fee as prescribed, well within the time schedule. Do not wait for the last date of fee deposit or for a reminder call from the school. Also, please do not press the school authorities to accept the fee after due date without late fee payment or for any kind of relaxation
  • Do not insist the bus staff to pick and drop your ward from a point other than the one already fixed.
  • The rules of fee deposit, fee structure & other specific rules may differ from one institution to the other Please do not cite examples of others with the intention of getting your demand fulfilled.
  • No weapons of any type (even if licensed) or personal security guards are allowed in the school premises.
  • Before sending your ward to join the new session, be sure that he/she is not having any critical health problem, disease or disability. In case of any such problem, inform the school with Medical reports etc. The school bears no responsibility of such matters.
  • Any omission, error or mismatch between the admission form and the student’s information provided documents will result in the cancellation of admission.
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