Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma

My daughter has attended Heritage for almost seven years now. She absolutely loves the school and its great curriculum. The staff is friendly, and her teachers are really encouraging. If you want to give your children brilliant education while learning valuable skills, then I would definitely recommend you to check out Heritage International School.

Father of PALCHHIN SHARMA Class IX – A

Mr. Santosh Singh

My daughter Divyanshi is admitted in Heritage international school in class IX.I personally look after her studies and find that she is under expert guidance of heritage school teachers.Some people advise me to provide separate private tutions to her.But my daughter doesn t need it .Heritage school teaching is sufficient.

Father of Divyanshi Singh Class IX

HIS - Father of Divyanshi Singh
HIS - Mother of Mubashra

Mrs. Arifa

I am thankful to god having blessed me with daughters only. But I am more proud to see my daughters…
getting best schooling from Heritage International School. I never felt the need of any extra tuition.
Heritage teaching is enough…

Mother of Mubashra Class V

Dr. Usha Arora

हैरीटेज इंटरनेशनल स्कूल में मेरे परिवार के कई बच्चे पढ़कर आगे बढ़े है, आज वे सम्मानजनक पद पर कार्यरत है। हेरिटेज स्कूल को आज भी याद करते है, मुझे और भी खुशी तब होती है जब हेरिटेज स्कूल के समारोह में मुझे बुलाया जाता है।

Dr. Usha Arora, Atrauli

HIS - Dr. Usha Arora