Heritage International School boasts a team of teachers who are not only highly qualified but also extensively trained, positioning them as particularly suitable for academic environments. This elite group of educators brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom, ensuring that students receive an education that is both comprehensive and cutting-edge. Their backgrounds, often rich in both academic achievements and practical experience, allow them to foster a learning atmosphere that is engaging, dynamic, and highly conducive to student success. Through their dedication and expertise, these teachers significantly contribute to creating an educational setting that nurtures and develops the potential of every student, making Heritage International School a beacon of excellence in education.

HERITAGE - Mrs Sanchita Maheshwari

Name: Mrs. Sanchita Maheshwari
Qualifications: M.Sc (Botany) B.Ed
Experience: 10 Yrs

HERITAGE - Mrs Kalyani Majumdar

Name: Mrs. Kalyani Majumdar
Qualifications: M.A.(Hindi) B.Ed.
Experience: 22 Yrs

HERITAGE - Mr Amrita

Name: Ms. Amrita Singh
Qualifications: M.Sc.(Chem) B.Ed.
Experience: 12 Yrs

HERITAGE - Mr Safeer Ahmad

Name: Mr. Safeer Ahmad
Qualifications: M.A.(Geography) B.Ed.
Experience: 13 Yrs

HERITAGE - Mr Praveen Bhardwaj

Name: Mr. Praveen Bhardwaj
Qualifications: M.Sc.(Maths) B.Ed.
Experience: 7 Yrs

HERITAGE - Mr Durgesh Chaudhary

Name: Mr. Durgesh Chaudhary
Qualifications: M.A.(Economics) MBA(IB) B.Ed
Experience: 10 Yrs

HERITAGE - Dr Irfan Ilahi

Name: Dr. Irfan Ilahi
Qualifications: M.A.(Eng) PhD.
Experience: 10 Yrs


Name: Mr. Vaibhav Kumar Upadhyay
Qualifications: M.Sc. B.Ed.
Experience: 7 Yrs