The Classrooms with ample floor area have been built around the central Resource Center encompassing an extensive library, reading room, state of the art multi-media center, audio-visual theater, seminar room, activity rooms and laboratories for computers, Social sciences, science, maths etc.

An integrated performing arts complex- an open-air theater and an auditorium to showcase the talents latent in the children, is about to take very soon.

The students find the swimming pool and shooting range enticing. Equipped with an advanced filtration and heating system the lush blue pool is cherished by one and all.

An efficient transport facility is available through a fleet of Buses and Vans which remain in touch with the central control room through a network of Cellular Phones and GPS Systems. The CCTV Cameras keep a constant eye on the inmates during transport. A well-equipped Infirmary to handle minor emergencies provides the necessary assistance. The school has tie-up with a number of leading doctors of the town whose services are availed of.

The school also boasts a big and well-stocked Cafeteria offering healthy snacks.

The entire campus of Heritage is Wi-fi covered along with CCTV cameras fitted at all corners and sensitive spots.

The secured boundary line with armed guards on the gate ensures the safety of the inmates. All the working staff like peons drivers are provided identity cards and their complete ID’s and police records are verified.

Heritage International School
Heritage International School
Heritage International School