About us

Brajdham Educational & Welfare Society (Reg.) [BEWS]

(A society registered under the Societies Act-1860)

Our Mission

  • To create strong academic base.
  • To develop self-confidence.
  • To instill communication skills.
  • To foster creativity.
  • To promote leadership qualities.
  • To sharpen the memory, reasoning and intellect.
  • To inculcate moral values.
  • To strengthen the ‘never-say-die’ spirit, among
    our sons and daughters.
Heritage International School

Our Motto

The Motto of our School is Vidya indicates wisdom and knowledge, the real treasure which Goddess Saraswati bestows upon the pupils. The true purpose of education is to breed Politeness, generosity and humbleness as is emphasized in the looks of the Goddess of Knowledge, Gautam Buddha & the Mahatma. The true purpose of education is never to boost one’s ego but to make one self so calm that the world reveres him/her.

The main fact about education is that there is no such thing. Education is a word like ‘transmission’ or ‘inheritance’, it is not an object, but a method.

“G.K. Chesterton”


The society is situated in Aligarh district of UP which is known for Aligarh Muslim University and has the credit of being a hub of education.

The following members form the society

1. Mr. Devendra Prakash Maheshwari (President)
2. Mr. Mukesh Chandra Premi (Vice President)
3. Mr. Rakesh Nandan Varshney (Secretary)
4. Mrs. Sheetal Nandan (Administrator/Academic
5. Mrs. Parul Varshney (M.A.) (Treasurer)
6. Mrs. Madhumalini (Member)
7. Dr. Shobha Padmanabhan (Member)
8. Mrs. Sandhya Sharma (Member)
9. Mr. Dilip Kumar Varshney (Member)
10. Mr. L.D. Varshney (Member)

Affiliation with Education Boards

The school is duly affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Delhi and has the Affiliation no. 2130711.

Current Attractions

  • A State of the Art, AC Computer Lab with the latest version of Windows, the first choice of Students.
  • A Conference Hall, equipped with audio and video gadgets makes it convenient for important meetings.
  • A WONDER WORLD…FUN HOUSE installed in a.c. room always keeps the tiny tots busy.
  • International size & safe swimming pool.
  • Gymnasium for students.
  • Athletics, 200 m track.
  • Cricket Academy.
  • Newly Constructed Basketball Court.
  • Indoor Badminton Court.
HIS - Dr. Rakesh Nandan

Dr. Rakesh Nandan

HIS - Mrs. Sheetal Gupta

Mrs. Sheetal Nandan

Heritage Topography

Tala Nagari – Junior and Senior School Built on a 10-acre lush green campus has matured into a Senior Secondary school with all streams (Science, Commerce and Arts) affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. The entire campus is designed to function as a dynamic, connected whole. The classrooms and digital educational facilities add to the glamour to motivate the young learners towards education.

Wide corridors and courtyards provide easy access to the playground, resource centres and other activity zones. The Classrooms with ample floor area have been built around the central Resource Centre encompassing an extensive library, reading room, state of the art multi-media centre, audiovisual theatre, seminar room, activity rooms and laboratories for computers, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Composite Science Lab and Maths Lab, etc.
An integrated performing arts complex- An open air theatre and an auditorium to showcase the talents latent in the children, are in the pipeline.

A new, state of art all season Swimming pool is open to students. The hygienic water filtration unit will be 24×7 hrs. operative. Gradually increasing depth of the pool makes it safe for children of all age and height

A well equipped infirmary to handle minor emergencies provides the necessary assistance.
The school has a tie-up with a number of leading doctors of the town whose services are availed of.

Over and above all, an automated voice and messaging system of Heritage is 24×7 alive to keep all the parents, guardians, teachers & other staff informed of minute to minute notifications like leaves, school timings, urgent happenings, holidays, online classes, messages etc.